Et si les conversations étaient des combats de cartes ? Réussiriez-vous à communiquer ?
Card Game
What was supposed to be a simple anti-monster exercise turns into a nightmare.
Aidez un jeune chauffournier à apprendre vos techniques pour mettre en oeuvre un four à chaux écologique.
Visual Novel
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You are the tutorial's punching bag facing an inexperienced boxer.
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Ride with Amina, the last train driver of a secluded valley.
Interactive Fiction
Patpat convenablement pupuce OR CONSEQUENCE
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Use pigments, atrifacts, sparkles, to create a pyrotechnic show
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Faites grossir votre boule de neige, évitez les obstacles, et arrivez le premier en bas de la piste !
You're playing a cursed steamroller that must kill cultists to summon the demon that cursed you.